Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program

TAAP 2017 Application

Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Missouri Arts Council, Missouri's Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program pairs master folk artists with apprentices to pass traditions on to the next generation. Through fieldwork and outreach, staff identifies master artists, urges these artists to locate viable apprentices in their communities, and encourages the team to submit an application to the program. Master/apprentice teams meet regularly for lessons over a period of approximately nine months. Staff conducts site visits to document the team on audiotape and with photographs. These materials are archived as part of the program mission to conserve the state's cultural legacy.

Deadline: AUGUST 31, 2017

Download the 2017 application here, or call Folk Arts Specialist Deb Bailey at 573-882-3653. This PDF is not a fillable form; please type or handwrite answers.

Folk Arts Grants

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(image: Slavic Cultural Festival in Sugar Creek)

On behalf of the Missouri Arts Council, MFAP also manages Folk Arts Grants, which are awarded to Missouri-based, tax-exempt, not-for-profit organizations to conserve and showcase the folk arts in local communities. Funded projects include MAC Folk Arts grants fund concerts, festivals, workshops, exhibits and other artistic events. Previously funded projects include: the Homegrown Folk Festival in Clarksville, the Missouri Cowboy Poets Gathering in Mountain View, traditional music workshops and concerts at the Folk School of St. Louis, the Slavic Cultural Festival in Sugar Creek, Old-time dance workshops by the West Plains Council on the Arts, and Bethel’s annual old-time fiddle camp. Contact MFAP Director for more information.

Applications are available from the Missouri Arts Council:

Folk Arts in Education

Show-Me Traditions

MFAP’s most long-lasting educational project is “Tuesdays at the Capitol,” a collaboration each April with the Department of Natural Resources’ Missouri State Museum in Jefferson City. The primary audience is school children who tour the Capitol each spring and fall, usually fourth and fifth graders who study Missouri history, government and culture. “Tuesdays” gives children the opportunity to observe artists as they work, to touch instruments, tools, and objects—and to ask questions.

MFAP also developed and published Show-Me Traditions: An Educators’ Guide to Teaching Folk Arts and Folklife in Missouri Schools (cover, above), a fifty-page guide that includes grade level expectations, Missouri “Show-Me” educational standards, objectives, outcomes, lesson plans, definitions, student-ready handouts, photographs, and links to numerous online and printed resources. The Folklore & Education section of the American Folklore Society awarded the Dorothy Howard Prize for the guide to MFAP and author Susan Eleuterio in 2011.

Click here for the guide

The Dana Foundation awarded a generous Arts Education Rural Initiative grant to the Missouri Folk Arts Program to train folk artists as teaching-artists for K-12 schools. Folk arts and artists can provide curriculum enrichment as teachers strive to meet state and federal education standards. Artists learned to work with educators and students, to develop curriculum materials, and to present school programs, including residencies. To inquire about teaching-artists and funding, please contact MFAP staff.

Community Scholars Program

MFAP is bolstering its advisory network through the Community Scholars Workshop Series, with Missouri Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts grants. Community scholars are typically local experts, who document, promote, or share local culture. In the workshops, participants gain hands-on experience with digital recording equipment and fieldwork practices during field trips and interviews. Classroom sessions may focus on interview techniques, archival storage, digital editing, project development, and public presentation. After training, Community Scholars often function as MFAP advisers and partners. To date, MFAP has conducted workshops in West Plains, St. Louis, Springfield, Ava, Hannibal and Mt. Vernon.

Graduate Student Internship Program

Annually, MFAP hosts graduate student interns from MU’s Folklore, Oral Tradition and Culture Studies program. Interns work in the MFAP offices with the program director and in the field with the folk arts specialist for two consecutive semesters, logging roughly 200 hours while earning course credit. During site visits with apprenticeship teams and at public events around the state, interns gain hands-on experience side-by-side with professional folklorists, assisting with documentation; education; grant writing; program administration; and production of public performances. Read more about the internship program (pdf).

MFAP Support
The Missouri Folk Arts Program receives support from the Missouri Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, the University of Missouri, and the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology.

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