A sampling of folklife and cultural tourism projects in the U.S.

Case Studies

A. Guided Tours

A1. Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area*
A2. Open Hearth Education Project*
A3. South Bronx Latin Music Tour

B. Audiotape Driving Tours

B1. Washington Heritage Tours*
B2. Sanpete County, Utah Audio Tour and Booklet*

C. Self-Guided Trails, Tours and Directories

C1. Tennessee Overhill Heritage Project*
C2. Kentucky Route 23 Heritage Corridor Project
C3. Blue Ridge Heritage Initiative*
C4. "Come See What's Cooking in Hancock County"

D. Destinations and Events

D1. Cowboy Poetry Gathering*
D2. Louisiana Folklife Festival

E. Tourism-Industry Initiated Projects

E1. The Portland Oregon Visitors Association
E2. "Tours and Detours"

F. Crafts

F1. The Craft Heritage Trails of Western North Carolina Guidebook*
F2. Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance Gathering/Wabanaki Cultural Guide

G. Tourism As Part of Larger Initiatives

G1. South Carolina Heritage Corridor Tourism Projects
G2. Delmarva Folklife Initiative*

* Additional materials were collected and are available for perusal in the project research files.

MFAP Support
The Missouri Folk Arts Program receives support from the Missouri Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, the University of Missouri, and the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology.

Museum of Art and Archaeology
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